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How to get to Nulgath - AQW

I am gonna show you how to reach Nulgath in AdventureQuest Worlds (AQW)

Hidden path through the Citadel caves. Requires Bone Dust x50 to enter portal room.
/join tercessuinotlim from the Bone Room in Citadel.

In addition to killing Dark Makai 50x, you will be asked for the following misc. items to enter certain rooms:
     Aracara's Fang from Aracara
     Escherion's Chain from Escherion (Monster)
     Hydra Scale from Hydra Head
     O-Dokuro's Tooth from O-Dokuro's Head
     Strand of Vath's Hair from Vath (Monster)
     Cubes x50 at Boxes
     Bone Dust 10x-50x

Follow the given directions below to reach Nulgath:

Nulgath/Skew: Left, center, upper left, down, middle, right, middle, right, right, left and left.

To make it easy for you, here are all the screenshots with directions:
(click on the images to enlarge them)

There you go, Congratulations! Now don't move. Otherwise he will kill you, which will make you respawn from the start.

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