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Free Download Le Bot 10 for AQW: Get Hacks, Bots, and Trainers

Le Bot 10 | AdventureQuest Worlds Trainer Bot
After Le Bot 8.4 it's creator James R did not release any further version. Le Bot 10 is created by GirayDE.
Latest features in Le Bot 10:

    Load Shop button disabled.
    Repair Chaos Altar Bot.
    Bug Targeting Fixes.
    Repair Rest.

Hotkeys / Shortcut Le Bot 10 New Update 2021:

    F1 = Bank
    F2 = Options menu
    F3 = Bot Manager
    F4 = Lists
    F5 = Packet Spammer
    F6 = Auto Relogin
    F7 = Use Boosts

Features / Options available on the Options Menu:

    Get All drops;
    Lag Killer;
    Reject all drops;
    Skip Cutscene;
    Skill Editor;
    'Rest if HP is < than' button;
    'Rest if MP is low' button;
    Enemy Magnet;
    Change Walk Speed;
    Toggle Public / Private rooms.

Bot features available in Le Bot 10 Latest Version:

    Bot Reputation AQW
    Bot Legion Tokens (Legioners)
    Bot Farming Item (Quest)
    Bot Gold dan XP Fast AQW

Here are you can find all the Quest IDs:  Updated Quest IDs

If the application does not run, then try these steps:

If you are facing the "White Screen" issue while using the trainer bots then follow the steps here:

How to fix White Screen issue with AQW Trainer Bots  

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