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Free Download Dark Mystic v0.20 [Purple] for AQW: Get Hacks, Bots, and Trainers

Dark Mystic v0.20 [Purple]


Adventure Quest Worlds Bot
Hero Smash Bot

How to use :

Left Arrow Key : Bot Manager
Right Arrow Key : Spammer Panel

  1. Spammer Panel
  2. Miscellanedus
  3. Shop Loader
  4. Quest Loader
  5. Bot Manager (Lets you make your own custom bots, this can be very buggy if you do not do it right.)(there are also A multitude of premade bots under the "Public Bots" button)
  6. when making attack bots, click the skill list box and remove all AOE skills as to not get aggro from nearby monsters, effectively ruining the bot.
  7. Gender change
  8. Enable chat (For unconfirmed e-mail accounts)
  9. Open bank indirectly
  10. Attack bot (Targets a random mob on screen then after the bot kills it, it automatically rests back to full.)
  11. Auto-pickup drops (Lets you pick up everything you get off the mobs you are farming.)

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