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How to farm XP and Class Point Fastest - AQW

Ultimate Guide to farm XP and Class Point - AdventureQuest Worlds (AQW)
This Guide is divided in 3 parts.

Pirates (Level 5-20)
Time Space (Level 20-45)
Shadow Realm (Level 46+) 

Pirates (For Players/Hero between level 5-20)

Lolosia (/join pirates) is a good place for farming xp and class points.
Kill Undead Pirates.
Level: 40
Difficulty: 4 stars
Total HP: 2,388 22,673 5,621
Upper Slash: 45-53 90-220
Slash: 45-53 90-220
Lolosia (/join pirates)

Time Space (For Players/Hero between of level 20-45)

Time Space (/join timespace) is a better place for farming xp and class points.
Kill Astral Ephemerites.
Level: 46 26 46
Difficulty: 4 stars
Total HP: 2,450 21,798 7,057
Bite: 65-105 128-151
Claw: 65-103 130-149
Time Space (/join timespace)

Shadow Realm (For Players/Hero between of level 46+)

Shadow Realm (/join shadowrealm) is the best place for farming xp and class points.
Note: Only accessible to players level 45 and above.
Kill Shadow Warriors.
Level: 53
Difficulty: 4 stars
Total HP: 7,687
Slash: 73-94
Jumping Slash: 73-94
Shadow Realm (/join shadowrealm)

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  1. Replies
    1. When you continously "plow" through enemies and receive the bonuses you want (gold, xp, etc.) thus "harvesting" results

    2. I totally agree with his reply. :)

  2. when you plow your fields and plant crops

  3. Just got my necromancer class and this stuff is useless. Although I am level 60+, it is extremely hard to level up in necromancer class when the only skill in rank 1 is to summon a very weak minion that fights for you. Fml

    1. If your level 60+ then go to /join battlegrounde
      Theres always people farming there and you can just sit back and let others kill the mobs while you take class points and exp. The monsters are around level 61-70, when you hit level 70 you can then farm in /join battlegroundf. In my opinion the battlegrounds are the best farming areas, mostly e and f.

    2. lvl 60 and you think Necromancer is usless lol your very newb in aqw