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AQW Spammer Packets (Updated May 2015)

AdventureQuest Worlds - Spammer Packets
Last Updated : 02 May, 2015.

Quest IDs
Shop IDs
Hair Shop IDs

Golden Ticket
%xt%zm%getMapItem%599%104% (must be lucky for this to work)

Buy Item Packets:

%xt%zm%buyItem%726%1798%89% - Buy Shadow Shinobi
%xt%zm%buyItem%726%1799%89% - Buy Shadow Weaver
%xt%zm%buyItem%726%11270%216% - Buy Legion Donation

Boost Packets:

%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%366% - Experience Boost
%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%365% - Gold Boost
%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%515% - Repution Boost
%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%516% - Class Point Boost

Set Achievement Packets (For Badge Or Achievement):

%xt%zm%setAchievement%79%ia0%13%1% - Cornelis Reborn
%xt%zm%setAchievement%22%ia0%4%1% - Cysero's Wedding
%xt%zm%setAchievement%9773%ia0%5%1% - Eye Was There
%xt%zm%setAchievement%9773%ia0%6%1% - EYE was there (2nd)
%xt%zm%setAchievement%272%ia0%0%1% - Friday The 13th
%xt%zm%setAchievement%272%ia0%1%1% - Kung Food
%xt%zm%setAchievement%272%ia0%2%1% - Moglin Punter
%xt%zm%setAchievement%272%ia0%3%1% - PTR Tester Achievement
%xt%zm%setAchievement%272%ia0%8%1% - Reinforced
%xt%zm%setAchievement%9773%ia0%9%1% - Sky Pirate
%xt%zm%setAchievement%9773%ia0%7%1% - Stubborn Achievement
%xt%zm%setAchievement%9%ia0%12%1% - Unicorn Commander

Summon Pet Packets (Temporary):

%xt%zm%summonPet%15714%10596% - Darkside Pet
%xt%zm%summonPet%90847%10127% - Horc Evader Pet
%xt%zm%summonPet%90847%7985% - Necromancer Pet

SponZard Packets:

%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%362% - Globrush [R] Lightbeam Elixir
%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%367% - Globrush Sparklebeam Elixir
%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%368% - Elixir of Haste
%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%369% - Elixir of Regeneration
%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%364% - Globrush [R] Wand
%xt%zm%getMapItem%4%393% - Globrush [R] Guardian Guard

Use Item Packets:

%xt%zm%serverUseItem%204012%+%7162% - Experience Boost
%xt%zm%serverUseItem%183322%+%8877% - Class Point Boost
%xt%zm%serverUseItem%183322%+%7140% - Gold Boost
%xt%zm%serverUseItem%183322%+%8879% - Reputation Boost

Action Packets:

%xt%zm%emotea%1%rest% - Activates REST Emotion
%xt%zm%restRequest%1%% - Activates REST Action

Item Packets:

%xt%zm%getDrop%163%4723% - Unidentified 10
%xt%zm%getDrop%147584%6136% - Gem of Nulgath
%xt%zm%getDrop%8%4770% - Dark Crystal Shard
%xt%zm%getDrop%175305%1172% - Escherion's Helm
%xt%zm%getDrop%254467%5356% - Essence of Nulgath
%xt%zm%getDrop%595891%5357% - Totem of Nulgath
%xt%zm%getDrop%8%4769% - Tainted Gem
%xt%zm%getDrop%191901%4708% - Cubes
%xt%zm%getDrop%281%8541% - Tortured Darkness Gem
%xt%zm%getDrop%281%8542% - Malignant Darkness Gem
%xt%zm%getDrop%281%8543% - Ultimate Darkness Gem
%xt%zm%getDrop%281%8540% - Necrotic Darkness Gem
%xt%zm%getDrop%174917%4960% - Tainted Soul
%xt%zm%getDrop%6%4771% - Diamonds of Nulgath
%xt%zm%getDrop%115861%4862% - Voucher of Nulgath(Non Member)
%xt%zm%getDrop%19457%4762% - Unidentified 13
%xt%zm%getDrop%141063%4861% - Voucher of Nulgath (Member)
%xt%zm%getDrop%61223%6521% - Legion Token
%xt%zm%getDrop%55467%10326% - Magenta Dye
%xt%zm%getDrop%55467%10325% - Fuchsia Dye
%xt%zm%getDrop%110157%8940% - Treasure Chest
%xt%zm%getDrop%683%9396% - Super Fan Swag Token D
%xt%zm%getDrop%683%9395% - Super Fan Swag Token C
%xt%zm%buyItem%15%9394%325% - Super Fan Swag Token B
%xt%zm%buyItem%15%9393%325% - Super Fan Swag Token A
%xt%zm%getDrop%232642%157% - Dark Hunger
%xt%zm%getDrop%262830%199% - Giant Protector Blade
%xt%zm%getDrop%262830%198% - Box Guardian Blade
%xt%zm%getDrop%62%10700% - Air Freed
%xt%zm%getDrop%20136%4660% - Hydra Scale
%xt%zm%getDrop%20011%4659% - Aracara's Fang
%xt%zm%getDrop%19935%4658% - Strand of Vath's Hair
%xt%zm%getDrop%19719%4657% - O-dokuro's Tooth
%xt%zm%getDrop%19573%2431% - Escherion's Chain
%xt%zm%getDrop%1674%8720% - Shiny Junked Junk
%xt%zm%getDrop%8%4713% - Unidentified 4
%xt%zm%getDrop%8%4818% - Unidentified 22
%xt%zm%getDrop%157%4716% - Unidentified 7
%xt%zm%getDrop%22%4714% - Unidentified 5
%xt%zm%getDrop%223555%4717% - Unidentified 8
%xt%zm%getDrop%82%8072% - 1st Betrayal Blade of Nulgath
%xt%zm%getDrop%110955%8071% - 2nd Betrayal Blade of Nulgath
%xt%zm%getDrop%82%8070% - 3rd Betrayal Blade of Nulgath
%xt%zm%getDrop%64528%8069% - 4th Betrayal Blade of Nulgath
%xt%zm%getDrop%135510%4820% - Unidentified 24
%xt%zm%getDrop%64528%4712% - Unidentified 3
%xt%zm%getDrop%64528%4829% - Unidentified 28
%xt%zm%getDrop%64528%4709% - Unidentified 2
%xt%zm%getDrop%64980%4856% - Unidentified 30
%xt%zm%getDrop%64980%4746% - Unidentified 12
%xt%zm%getDrop%65398%4857% - Unidentified 31
%xt%zm%getDrop%65398%4819% - Undentified 23
%xt%zm%getDrop%40972%4750% - Unidentified 17
%xt%zm%getDrop%167313%4748% - Unidentified 15
%xt%zm%getDrop%167313%4752% - Unidentified 19
%xt%zm%getDrop%167543%4858% - Unidentified 32
%xt%zm%getDrop%61108%4821% - Unidentified 25
%xt%zm%getDrop%683%9439% - This is Definitly A token
%xt%zm%getDrop%683%9440% - This Could be A token
%xt%zm%getDrop%683%9392% - This Might be A token
%xt%zm%getDrop%683%9397% - Token of Vindication
%xt%zm%getDrop%192053%5547% - Ravaged Champion Soul
%xt%zm%getDrop%135823%8891% - Mental Defenses removed
%xt%zm%getDrop%135823%8892% - Whispered laughter
%xt%zm%getDrop%135823%8893% - Piece of dreamglass
%xt%zm%getDrop%7958%312% - Soul Schyte
%xt%zm%getDrop%105%5581% - Viper's Blood
%xt%zm%getDrop%61113%4711% - J6's Secret Hideout map
%xt%zm%getDrop%232642%157% - Dark Hunger
%xt%zm%getDrop%428623%4889% - Combat Trophy
%xt%zm%getDrop%94359%600% - Dwakel Bubble Helm
%xt%zm%getDrop%94359%609% - Oculation Helm
%xt%zm%getDrop%94359%615% - Battery Cell Pack
%xt%zm%getDrop%94359%612% - Spy Bot
%xt%zm%getDrop%94359%601% - Dwakel Sword
%xt%zm%getDrop%153492%300% - Phoenix blade
%xt%zm%getDrop%22%321% - Krom's Conquest
%xt%zm%getDrop%22%583% - Templars Helm of Light
%xt%zm%getDrop%22%305% - Celestial Staff
%xt%zm%getDrop%22%322% - Dragonhead Archon
%xt%zm%getDrop%22%303% - Elegant Backstabber
%xt%zm%getDrop%22%573% - Dragon Wings
%xt%zm%getDrop%80987%11189% - Thanatos armor
%xt%zm%getDrop%2%11190% - Thanatos helm

Sell Item Packets (To Sell Item From Inventory):

%xt%zm%sellItem%190541%4762%2%1051062524% - Sell Unidentified 13
%xt%zm%sellItem%219188%4771%13%1064287361% - Sell Diamond of Nulgath
%xt%zm%sellItem%219188%6136%90%1050856922% - Sell Gem of Nulgath
%xt%zm%sellItem%219188%4770%50%1060427436% - Sell Dark Crystal Shard
%xt%zm%sellItem%219188%4769%49%1062072051% - Sell Tainted Gem
%xt%zm%sellItem%2%4861%1%1101572404% - Sell Voucher of Nulgath
%xt%zm%sellItem%4%1172%1%1101789224% - Sell Escherion's Helm
%xt%zm%sellItem%232642%157%1%1101784651% - Sell Dark Hunger
%xt%zm%sellItem%992%8940%86%1107753703% - Sell Treasure Chest
%xt%zm%sellItem%2%198%2%1119922131% - Sell Box Guardian Blade
%xt%zm%sellItem%262830%199%1%1119904296% - Sell Giant Protector Blade
%xt%zm%sellItem%232642%157%1%1101784651% - Sell Dark Hunger
%xt%zm%sellItem%92393%4708%1%1191123262% - Sell Cubes
%xt%zm%sellItem%183%9392%1%1196115791% - Sell This Might Be A Token
%xt%zm%sellItem%94359%600%1%1170805044% - Sell Dwakel Bubble Helm
%xt%zm%sellItem%94359%609%1%1170808447% - Sell Oculation Helm
%xt%zm%sellItem%94359%615%1%1170809609% - Sell Battery Cell Pack
%xt%zm%sellItem%94359%612%1%1170810811% - Sell Spy Bot
%xt%zm%sellItem%94359%601%1%1170813249% - Sell Dwakel Sword


  1. Is this real or fake.I tried a few times and has been disconnected from it

    1. These are real. but many stopped working after few game updates. Some still work :)

    2. like gem of nulgath spam..u need 50 essence to spam it...and u get 10 gems....they didnt list the required items for it to work..><

  2. Hey could you edit all out with the working ones and not? that would be really helpful! thanks in advance!

    1. AQW activates and deactivates these spammer packets from time to time. So there isn't any that doesn't work. You just need to use them in the right time. :)

  3. Replies

    Sardar MoktadirNovember 29, 2014 at 5:26 AM
    AQW activates and deactivates these spammer packets from time to time. So there isn't any that doesn't work. You just need to use them in the right time. :)


    You said that right ?! okay if you know the best time to do the spammer pleas tell me :D

    1. Haha... sorry i can't. :3 I don't use spammer packets myself. These spammer packet codes are for those who need. :)

  4. what are the milisecond of these??

  5. what are the milisecond of these??

    1. Man... No one of these spammers are wirking at 2500 miliseconds . Whats the real miliseconds to use ?

  6. Wich are the ones that still works.

  7. This is Nice! But Some Are Not Working

    1. how do u use spammer code things?

    2. Because they removed some of them. That's why they are not working.

  8. where do i use the totem of nulgath packet spammer ?

    1. You need to use them in Le Bot, which is a bot program to farm for you in the game.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Can you update the spammer packets please some of them aren't working

  11. Can you update the spammer packets please some of them aren't working

  12. epical update new version ungodly reavers of nulgath spam code plz?

    1. There isn't a spammer packet for ungodly reavers of nulgath sorry.

  13. Which location in-game should we be for when we spam Legion Tokens? Or does anywhere work?

    1. Where you can normally earn/get Legion Tokens

  14. i need the item for complete the quest "Arachnid Eradication" And "Apparition Nation" plz!

  15. omg i cant add anything XD i want diamonds of nulgath, legion tokens and the dark hunger blade but i keep on disconnecting XD author please help me out XD

  16. Whether super fan token a swag can still be used now??

  17. Whether super fan tokens a swag can still be used now??

  18. sir is super fan swag token a can buy without requirement...?

  19. Please, do you have the Anti-Matter Gem id?