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Fastest way to get Gold - AQW

Fastest way to get Gold - AdventureQuest Worlds

These two given methods are piece of cake. Follow these the instructions given below -

1st Method (Unlimited):
1. Go to Crash Site (/join dwakel) map.

Crash Site (/join dwakel)

2. Accept these Quests - Quadrolithium, Dam Balloons & Bumper Bolts from Taravya.

3. Kill Dwakel Blaster, Dwakel Warrior & Flamethrower Dwakel to complete the quests. 

4. Turn In all the Quests and sell the Items that you got for completing the Quests.

2nd Method (Occasional):
1. Go to Portal - Undead (/join portalundead) map.

Portal - Undead (/join portalundead)

2. Accept the Quest - Fire Gem from Cleric Dawn.

3. Complete the Quest by killing Skeletal Fire Mage.

4. Turn In the Quest and you will get a item named Burn It Down (a staff).

5. Sell Burn It Down for 12,500 Gold.

Fire Gem (Quest) is only available on Mondays and Thursdays Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.

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