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Pyromancer Class Enhancement Guide - AQW

Pyromancer Class Enhancement Guide - AdventureQuest Worlds

Pyromancer Class

There are two best Enhancement guides for Pyromancer Class. Choose whichever you like. You can try both of them and use whichever suits your Hero.

1st Enhancement Set:

Armor: Wizard
Cape: Wizard
Helm: Wizard
Weapon: Wizard

2nd Enhancement Set (Special):

This one is a little bit tricky. You must take 2 Wizard Enhancement and 2 Spellbreaker Enhancement according to level.

Armor: Spellbreaker (Lvl 47)
Cape: Wizard (Lvl 46)
Helm: Wizard (Lvl 47)
Weapon: Spellbreaker (Lvl 46)

It is proven that you can give up to 6000 Damage with the 1st Enhancement Set at level 45 but even more can be done with 2nd Enhancement Set.

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  1. i use full lucky and the class i use spellbreaker 11k at lv 55