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Le Bot 8.4 - AQW

Le Bot 8.4 - AdventureQuest Worlds (AQW)

  1. Boost options removed.
  2. Slight changes in Bot Manager.

Hotkeys :

    F1    Opens the bank
    F2    Options menu
    F3    Bot Manager
    F4    Lists
    F5    Packet Spammer
    F6    Auto Relogin
    F7    Use Boosts

Options Menu :
  1.     Get All drops;
  2.     Lag Killer;
  3.     Reject all drops;
  4.     Skip Cutscene;
  5.     Skill Editor;
  6.     'Rest if HP is < than' button;
  7.     'Rest if MP is low' button;
  8.     Enemy Magnet;
  9.     Change Walk Speed;
  10.     Toggle public/private rooms.

Features :

Reputation :
  1. Arcangrove
  2. Chronospan
  3. Doomwood
  4. Dwarfhold
  5. Etherstorm
  6. Evil
  7. Good
  8. Horc
  9. Lycan
  10. Mythsong
  11. Pet Tamer
  12. Skyguard
  13. Sandsea
  14. Thunderforge
  15. Troll
  16. Vampire
  17. Yokai
  18. Swordhaven

Legion Tokens :
  1. Coliseum Combatants
  2. Beginning the Final
  3. Legion Exercise 1
  4. Legion Exercise 2
  5. Legion Exercise 3
  6. Legion Exercise 4
  7. Insanely Insane
  8. Soul Collector and non-Soul Collector

Farming :
  1. Alchemy Reagents
  2. Ancient Vitae
  3. Combat Trophies
  4. Dark Crystal Shards
  5. Dark Spirit Orbs
  6. Dragon Talons
  7. Elder's Blood potion
  8. Emblem of Longevity
  9. Emblem of Good Luck
  10. Fuchsia/Magenta Dye
  11. Find the Blade!
  12. Find the Handle!
  13. Find the Hilt!
  14. Find the Runes!
  15. Find the Stonewrit!
  16. Finding Fragments with Blade
  17. Finding Fragments with Bow
  18. Finding Fragments with Broadsword
  19. Finding Fragments with Daggers
  20. Finding Fragments with Mace
  21. Finding Fragments with Scythe
  22. Golden Dragon Spear
  23. Golden Tickets
  24. Mana Golem bots
  25. Pay homage to Caladbolg
  26. Pinpoint the Pieces with Blade
  27. Pinpoint the Pieces with Bow
  28. Pinpoint the Pieces with Broadsword
  29. Pinpoint the Pieces with Daggers
  30. Pinpoint the Pieces with Mace
  31. Pinpoint the Pieces with Scythe
  32. Rainbow Shards
  33. Rays of Hope
  34. Sparrow's Blood potion
  35. Spirit Orbs
  36. Supplies to Spin the Wheel of Chance
  37. Tainted Gems
  38. Tainted Souls
  39. Totems of Nulgath
  40. Viper's Blood Potion
  41. Shinobi Tokens

Other Features:
  1. Forestchaos gold
  2. Generic Attack Bot
  3. Quick Gold
  4. SpaceTime XP
  5. Timeportal CP
  6. Undead Pirates XP


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  2. will you ever add "Lack Of Four-sight" quest bot ?

  3. Please add embersea and brightoak rep bots next

    1. The developer stopped playing AQW and making bots. If I can convince him to come back then I will tell him to add these.

  4. Is there a way to send you a bot I made? It's to farm Ultra OmniKnight Tokens and it's pretty easy and straightforward.

    1. Yeah. Email them to me.

  5. Why it says Failed to load Adobe flash player ?

    1. เป็นเหมือนกันติดตั้งแล้ว ก็ยังเล่นไม่ได้ มันต้องไห้ร้านเขาติดตั้งไห้อ่ะครับถึงจะเล่นได้

  6. Working new site for bot

  7. I'm Stuck on the Loading Map 100% Please help!


    Please come in my channel :) Many video available there

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