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How to Climb Solo Queue in League of Legends

     Struggling to climb solo queue in your ranked matches? Not a surprise. Most people think it's a matchmaking bug that the teammates you play with or against is not balanced. But that's not true.

If you don't want to read the reasons behind the technique, then just scroll down till the end.

Now, firstly you must understand that this is an online game. To keep the game alive for everyone to play, Riot must keep a good number of players active. The more players they keep engaged the more money Riot will make. They can calculate how well you play and what rank you deserve very easily. But do they give you the rank you belong to? No sir! If they place you where you belong then who's gonna play the game?

Are you starting to understand the logic behind Leagues matchmaking? They want you to keep playing keep engaged. This is business! They deliberately match make in such a way that you reach your destination rank slow.

The technique is to be consistent in playing the game. Like it or not it will take time. Keep calm and accept your defeat at times but keep playing till you reach your goal rank. Remember to AT LEAST keep a 50-50 win-lose ratio.

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