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How to Boot Xiaomi Phones Into EDL Mode (Qualcomm Device)

How to Boot Xiaomi Phones and Qualcomm Device Into Emergency Download (EDL) Mode

  1. Install Proper USB Driver of your Xiaomi device. (Get USB Driver here)
  2. Enable USB Debugging. (How to Enable USB Debugging)
  3. Setup ADB & Fastboot USB Drivers.
  4. This guide is for Xiaomi & Qualcomm Chipset devices only.   

Method 1: How to Boot into EDL using ADB

This is the easy and recommended method. Follow these steps.

1. Download & Install ADB Drivers on your Computer.

2. Enable USB Debugging on your Xiaomi Smartphone. (How to Enable USB Debugging)

3. Open Command Window in Windows Computer.

4. Connect your Xiaomi Smartphone to Computer using USB Cable.

5. Type the following command to check whether the device is connected or not.

adb device

6. Now, If it shows the device then you use the following command to boot your device into EDL Mode (Emergency Download Mode).

adb reboot edl

Done! You will be reboot into EDL Mode with a blank screen. Only Notification LED light will be on indicating you’re in EDL Mode.

Method 2: How to Boot into EDL using Fastboot Mode

1. Download Fastboot EDL File & Extract it on your computer. You will see 4 files extracted there.

2. Connect your Xiaomi Smartphone in Fastboot Mode. To do this Switch off your Smartphone first. Power it on (Boot into Fasbtoot) by Holding Power + Volume Down button until the Mi Bunny Logo appears. You are in the Fastboot Mode now.

3.Now, Double click or run the edl.cmd file. As soon as you run this file The Mi Bunny will disappear and your device will get rebooted to EDL Mode with a Blank screen.

So, This was the way to boot Emergency Download (EDL) Mode on Xiaomi and other Qualcomm devices.

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