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Facebook has been HACKED! mistake leaves 50 million people's accounts exposed

Facebook hack: 50 million people's accounts exposed by major mistake in social network's code, company admits

Anyone affected is unlikely to know about it

Facebook has suffered an attack that exposed 50 million people's personal accounts, the company has admitted.

A vulnerability in the social network's code meant that hackers could take over people's log-ins and see their most private information, the company said. It said that it was "sorry" the potential breach had occurred.

The issue related to the "view as" tool, which allows people to see their own profiles as they would look to other people. By exploiting that, hackers could steal the "access token" that keeps people's accounts safe and then break into them, Facebook said.

The company found the flaw on Tuesday and has only just begun its investigation, it said, meaning that it cannot say how the bug was used and who by. It did not say whether it knew who had been affected by the hack.

Anyone affected is likely to be informed as Facebook continues its investigation. There is little that anyone can do apart from checking that an account does not appear to have been used by somebody else, and while it is good practice to change passwords regularly that will not undo the effects of this attack.

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