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How to Make a Website (for Beginners)

Way to Make a Website for Beginners

If you are new to making websites and confused then you are at the right place. Here I will simply teach you the way to make a website.

Things to do:
1. Buy a domain name. e.g.
2. Host your website. (Place for website to live in.)

Domain names:
Domain names are like They are just the address. Domain name is the address of your website. Just like, which is an address to open google.

Hosting you website: 
Your website needs to live some where. Hosting companies hosts or lets your website live in a computer's hard disk. And from that computer all your website's data will be shared to the world.

Things to learn:
HTML5 (Must)
Javascript & CSS (Essential)
PHP, SQL, JQuery etc (Advance)

I would advice you to start with a free website to gain experience before paying for domains and hosts to make your website. Pay only when you really think you are ready to make a genuine website.

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